Arrowsic Solid Waste and Recycling Committee (ASWRC)


Put trash out by 7:00am, according to the calendar link at the right, at the end of your driveway or the nearest collection point on a town road. Bulky items such as bikes, filing cabinets, construction debris, etc, are not appropriate.


Arrowsic has a mandatory curbside recycling program, handled by R.C. Rogers & Sons of West Bath. All items that are currently recyclable are picked up at curbside on a year-round biweekly schedule (i.e., every other week). The drivers can most easily identify your recyclable materials if you place a yellow "Arrowsic Recycles" sticker on one or more of your bins, and separate your recyclables by a few feet from your trash.

Sorting of recyclable materials is not necessary, but may be helpful to the pickup crew, depending on which truck they use on a given week. Recyclable items include: 1) glass of any color, 2) plastics numbered 1-7 (except for #6 styrofoam), 3) aluminum, 4) all paper including newspaper, envelopes, paper of any color, 5) tin cans, 6) paperboard (cereal boxes, egg crates, paper cups, etc), and 7) cardboard, folded into flat pieces of 3'x3' or smaller.

If you need a sticker, they are available for free - just stop into the white shed outside the town hall and grab one. There are many handouts located inside the shed, as well. The shed is always unlocked. Handouts provide detailed information about universal waste (e.g., How do I dispose of my old TV?), household hazardous waste collections, and more!

Current Committee

Paul Schlein, Chair: 443-3209,
John Hinds: 443-4322,
Roz McLean: 386-0179,
Ros Arienti:
Katie Smith
Jon Biehler:
Bil Nickerson: