Your Rights to Vote In Maine


To be eligible to vote in Maine, you must meet the following requirements:

        18 years old

        United States Citizen

        Resident of the municipality in which you want to vote


Voter Rights

1.      If you are registered to vote in Maine you can vote.

2.      If you are not registered to vote in Maine, you can register on Election Day and you can vote.

3.      You cannot be turned away from the poll. You must be allowed to vote a challenged ballot. See State Title 21-A, Sections 121, 161 and 673 for details.

4.      If you do not have identification, you can vote.

5.      If you are line at the time the polls close, you can register and vote.

6.      If you make a mistake, you can get a replacement ballot.

7.      If you are visually impaired, physically disabled, or are unable to read or write, you can be assisted.

8.      You may see a sample ballot and receive instructions on voting procedures.

9.      You may not be harassed when voting or be influenced on how to vote.

10.  If you have any problems, or you are denied the right to vote, call the Election Division immediately at 207624-7650.


These rights are posted at each election held at the Arrowsic Town Hall.