Arrowsic Fire Department

Arrowsic maintains a volunteer fire department. Volunteers are welcome!


Chief: Dale Carlton
Dep. Chief: Chris Carlton
Captain: Michael Kreindler
Captain: Jeremy Blaiklock

Town Fire Warden: Dale Carlton

How to Contact Us:
Emergency: 911 (see below) Non-emergency:


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A Brief Overview

The Arrowsic Fire Department was formed in 1960 and is composed of approximately 12 volunteers. The department utilizes mutual aid agreements with all surrounding towns for assistance during large emergencies. The town has a contract with the City of Bath to provide ambulance coverage in the town. The members of the department are very proud of the growth that the department has seen in the last several years and we are always looking for new volunteers.


The fire department currently has two stations, both in the area of the Town Hall. The main station is located on Stafford Lane and houses the department’s three apparatus, and the second station is on the Old Stage Road and is used for equipment storage at this time.


Tank 3- 2011 E-One

The Tanker’s primary purpose is to transport water to scenes as well as carry equipment primarily required to fight structure fires.

Engine 2- 1989 F350

The Engine’s primary purpose is to pump water to the fire, and can also be used to fill other trucks with water. Due to its size and capabilities, it is frequently used on the small roads in Arrowsic. The Engine also carries equipment for chimney fires and motor vehicle crashes.

Brush 1- 2001 F350

The Brush truck’s primary purpose is for brush and grass fires.

The Arrowsic Fire Department is equipped to respond to any and all types of emergencies that may occur within the town. The town requests assistance from its mutual aid partners for response to open water rescue calls.

How to Volunteer

The Arrowsic Fire Department is always looking for new volunteers. There are many ways to volunteer with the department, from being an active firefighter to assisting with traffic control at scenes and providing support. Please consider volunteering today! No experience necessary. Email or contact Chief Chris Cummings or any of the current members for more information.

Burn Permits

You must have a permit to burn brush in the Town. Permits may be acquired free of charge, however, please note that permits generally cannot be provided before 9am and may only be issued on the day of the burn, weather permitting. Here is the procedure for open burning in Arrowsic.

What to do in case of an Emergency

  1. Dial 911

  2. Provide the dispatcher the exact location of your emergency as well as details of what is going on. Remain on the line with the dispatcher until help arrives.

    1. In the event of a medical emergency, turn outside lights on and secure any animals. Gather a list of medications of the injured or sick person and wait for responders.

    2. In the event of a fire, immediately evacuate the place of the fire. Do not return into a burning building. Gather all occupants in a central area and wait for responders.

Search and Rescue Training

Tanker,Engine,Brush Trucks

Photos of Fire Department training in the snow!